Free WordPress Plugin for Automatic WordPress Backup to Google Drive

Backups are something that must be done regularly to anticipate if the website has problems. In this tutorial, we will create an automatic backup on the WordPress website that we use. Apart from being automatic, the backup is to Google Drive. So it’s automatic and free.

So we will use a plugin called Updraft Backup Plugin. According to my personal experience, I like this plugin because it is free, has automatic features and of course can be backed up to Google Drive. Of the many WordPress backup plugins, they also offer the option of uploading to Google Drive but it is paid.

Install Plugin

On the WordPress dashboard, click Plugins -> Add New. Then search for the name “UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin“. Click install then activate.

Plugin Configuration

To make it automatic, you go to “Updraft Backup” in the Settings menu, then click on the Settings tab.

Click the Google Drive icon, at the bottom you will find “Authenticate with Google“. Click the link to connect your Google account.

Then you will be taken to the Google login page. Enter your Google account, then click Allow. After that, you will be taken to the UpdraftPlus page. Click Complete Setup to complete the Google account authentication process.

Then you will return to the UpdraftPlus settings page. Click on the Settings tab, set the backup schedule once a week or Weekly, once a month, or Monthly, or you can adjust it according to your needs. Select the Google Drive icon and click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Starting Backup

You click the Backup/Restore tab then click Backup Now.

A backup confirmation pop-up will appear. Leave it checked by default, then click Backup Now. Let the backup process run until it completes.

After that, you can check your Google Drive, and then check the files in the UpdraftPlus folder. You will find backup files from your website.

Good luck 🙂

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