How to Create Zip Your Code From Visual Studio Code

Last Updated on July 11 2022 by dhimaskirana

Hi broo 👋

In this tutorial, I will share about how to create a zip file of your code directly from Visual Studio Code without an addon. We need a terminal to execute our command line.

For example, we want to zip the mahal folder, so we open the terminal from the themes folder. Right-click on the themes folder and select “Open in Integrated Terminal“.

After your terminal command line is open, you can execute this command

zip -r mahal -x '*.git*' is the name of the zipped file. You can change with your need.

-r means to zip a directory recursively. This option helps you to zip all the files present in the specified directory.

-x means exclude the files in creating the zip. For example, we exclude the .git folder from zipping.

Good luck 👍

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