Missing Theme Editor and Plugin Editor

Last Updated on July 22 2022 by dhimaskirana

If you are a website owner and you want to modify your theme files or plugin files from the WordPress dashboard but you are missing Theme Editor under Appearance Menu or Plugin Editor under Plugin Menu?

Maybe it happens because your website developer hardening your WordPress installation. Hardening WordPress installation makes your website more secure. For example, limiting access to editing theme or plugin files from the WordPress dashboard.

You can disable this feature. Check your wp-config.php files. Find constant DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT. Change to false if you want display themes and plugin editor back. Change to true to disable theme editor and plugin editor.

define('DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT', false);

But the DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT constant just disables the theme editor and plugin editor. You can still upload themes or plugins from the WordPress dashboard.

To make your WordPress installation more secure, you can use the DISALLOW_FILE_MODS constant. Set to true, so it will disable the theme editor or plugin editor and disable upload plugins or themes.

define('DISALLOW_FILE_MODS', true);

You will see Add New button on the themes page or the plugin page was gone.

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